Victory Calls

     Victory Calls, or Vicki, is the namesake of the farm! She is an ideal lesson horse, gentle and understanding with beginners but experienced enough for advanced riders. She has over ten years show experience, including a C1 US Pony Club rating and second level dressage showing. She has over 30 first place ribbons in dressage, hunters, and eventing, and over a dozen Champion or Reserve Champion awards. Vicki also received a seasonal achievement award from the Maryland Saddle Association. She is the offspring of professional performance horse Saika.
Doctor Lark

     Doctor Lark is the first generation offspring of two-time SuperHorse Award winner Rugged Lark. Lark has an excellent sense of judgment regarding the experience of a rider, which makes him an outstanding horse for beginners and experienced riders alike. Along with Vicki, he received a seasonal achievement award from the Maryland Saddle Association, and also has an impressive show record in hunters and eventing competitions. He was featured on the cover of Eastern Shore Life magazine, shown here.

     The "Doctor Lark English Pleasure Horse Award" trophy was created in 2006 by the Southern Maryland Horse Association in honor of Lark, and is given out yearly for excellence in pleasure horse competition.


     Scooter is a veteran lesson horse, with years of experience taking care of beginner riders in the ring. He spent the last several years of his career as a tested lesson before moving out here to join our family. His gentle personality makes him an excellent starter horse, and his smooth gaits are ideal for those just learning how to canter.

     Gracie is an incredible asset to the VCS lesson program. She's the kind of go anywhere, do anything horse an instructor loves. Equally capable with an advanced jumper or a brand new beginner, she knows how to take care of a rider and listen to their needs and commands. We are very fortunate to have her.

     Guess and Nick arrived together as the newest lesson horses. They were rescued from a bad situation by a loving family who chose to home them permanently with us. Guess is a beautiful horse, with excellent gaits and a loving personality. Although new, she is already quite popular with many of our students. Can you "guess" how she got her name? She has a prominant "question mark" coloring on her face!


     Nick, short for Snickers, arrived at VCS along with Guess. In his younger days he worked as a police horse, so he's certainly seen just about everything. After leaving the police force, he was trained in dressage riding. He shows willingness for low level jumping as well, but his flat-work is where he really shines. His long extended trot is simply beautiful to watch!

     Daisy is the smallest part of the VCS lesson program - literally! She's a miniature pony, standing just a few feet tall. She's a cute little spitfire who'll do just about anything for a treat.

     Gus is came to us with very limited jumping ability, but he's really starting to come along in that department. On the flat he can be a real pleasure to ride. Gus is considered one of our more advanced lesson horses for riders that want to test their abilities with an up and coming green horse.


     Milo was a privately owned horse used by Victory Calls lesson program until he passed away from cancer in 2011. He was a sweet, loving animal, and we will miss his nicker from the corner stall whenever we came around. We will always love you, Miloman.