Layout of the Lesson Program

     All students will learn safe, effective riding techniques. Safety is our first priority at Victory Calls. Beginners will be taught “balanced seat” riding, a style of riding which allows the horse the most natural range of movement in each gait. The position of balanced seat riding optimizes the rider’s center of gravity, and allows both rider and horse to move together with the least resistance. Students will then refine their position for hunters, dressage, or event riding.
     The lesson will consist of 30 minutes or one hour spent on the horse, but that is not all that each lesson provides. Emily will meet students before the lesson to teach skills in safety, grooming and tacking up the horse, and how to work with the horse from the ground.    After the lesson, while the horse is being cooled out, the student will learn about proper horse care and management.



     Proper riding equipment is necessary for safe and effective riding. If you would like help in selecting riding equipment, please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you! Required equipment includes:

        - ASTM Riding Helmet
        - Riding pants which allow full leg movement
        - Paddock or Tall Boots (must cover the foot and have a heel)


Prices and Availability

We are currently accepting students. To find available times, ask about pricing options, orto schedule your first lesson please contact us!