This page illustrates the construction of our new arena lights at Victory Calls Stables. The work was performed by Country Estate Crafters and LM Walker and Son Grading.


The first step was digging a trench for the buried wire from the electrical box to each light pole. A mechanical trenching machine was used, along with hand digging where large rocks made mechanical trenching impossible.

Here, Matt from Country Estate Crafters as well as the Walker's of LM Walker and Son assemble the light poles, including conduit for the electrical wiring, switch boxes, and the light fixtures.

It takes a big drill to make a hole deep enough to set these massive light posts!

The pole truck lifts the post, and crew on the ground direct it into place.

Clay is shoveled back into the hole, while a pneumatic tamper (right) is used to pack it down for a tight fit. The packed clay in the hole is much harder to dig through than the original earth was!

One of the finished light poles looks down over the arena.

The lights were adjusted after dark using the bucket truck, so the light path could be optimized to illuminate the ring.

The arena is lit up and ready for a ride!